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Team Silent Sport: Gemert Race Report
24.03.2009 • 

Good and bad motos in Holland

Dennis Schröter
The all German Team Silent Sport went out for the second round of the Dutche Championships at Gemert last weekend. After decent qualification results the first moto was ok for both Dennis Schröter in the MX1 class and Lars Oldekamp riding the MX2 bike.
Young Michael Kaussen failed again to qualify but his main goal is to gain some experience in international competition.
Lars Oldekamp, Dennis Schröter and Michael Kaussen off the track
Dennis Schröter: Not a good weekend for me. I had a technical problem in practice so I didnít do too many laps. After a mediocre start in the first heat I only pushed for 3-4 laps, after that I somehow lost the drive and only rode to the chequered flag. My second start was awesome but Saris crashed in front of me and I couldnít avoid running into him. I restarted dead last but never found a good rhythm. Iím disappointed.

Lars Oldekamp: Overall Iím happy with my performance, even though the results donít show. After a start Ė crash in moto 1 I pushed hard all the way and finished 7th. I was in 7th for a long time in the second heat and I really wanted to pass the guy in front of me. I tried to get by over the finish line jump on the last lap and thatís all I can rememberÖ

Michael Kaussen: I felt ok in free practice, but wasnít able to improve my lap times in qualification, so unfortunately didnít make it into the races. It was much closer than last week, but I still struggle to get used to new tracks in such a short time.
Overall Results MX1
1. Erik Eggens, 95
2. Patrick Roos, 86
3. Rob Vijfeijken, 80
4. William Saris, 73
5. Kristof Salaets, 69
6. Nicolai Hansen, 64
7. Shannon Terreblanche, 63
8. Dennis Schröter, 60
9. Hugo Basaula, 59
10. Kevin Wouts, 58

Overall Results MX1
1. Jeffrey Herlings, 100
2. Joel Roelants, 86
3. Evgeny Bobryshev, 83
4. Jeremy van Horebeek, 79
5. Valentin Teillet, 70
6. Glenn Coldenhoff, 65
7. Nikolaj Larsen, 62
8. Herjan Brakke, 60
24. Lars Oldekamp, 34
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