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Team Silent Sport at Drehna
22.04.2009 • 

Dennis Schröter and Michaeal Kaussen in Eastern Germany

Massive holeshots for Dennis Schröter in both motos
The first major race of the season for the all German Team Silent Sport was overshadowed by the knee injury of Lars Oldekamp. He went to Drehna to watch the races before getting surgery the following week. So it was up to Dennis Schröter in the MX-Master class and Michael Kaussen in the MX2 to race for the team.
Dennis Schröter:
This is typical motorsport. Even if only a 5% piece is missing you still donít get 95%. I qualified good in 3rd., my speed in warm-up practice was competitive, I pulled 2 mega holeshots, did the fastest race lap only to get arm pump after 5 minutes and that was it. I knew before that I wouldnít be able to race with Steve and Markus, and also Xavier isnít currently 4th. in the MX2 GPs, but I was still hoping for a top 5 result if everything went according to plan (if, ifÖ)
Anyway, my bike with Schäfer head and AKRAPOVIC is awesome off the gate, and we have the suspension dialled, the rest is up to me and Iím sure I will sort things out shortly.
Dennis Schröter
Michael Kaussen:
Everythingís new to me this year, so my goal was to qualify and to gain as much experience from the races as possible. I didnít qualify directly and had to do the LCQ, but did okay finishing 4th. My first start was bad and I never found a rhythm, but things went a lot better in moto 2. I was close to getting points and Iím satisfied. One more race in the sand in Templin next week and then Iím looking forward to racing on hard pack tracks again.
Michael Kaussen
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