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Team Silent Sport at Ried
16.07.2009 • 

Dennis Schröter unlucky in Austria

Dennis Schröter
After a perfect weekend seven days ago at the German open at Wolgast with a 1-1 victory Team Silent Sport's Dennis Schröter came with high hopes to the Austrian issue of the German MX-Masters series at Ried. Young team mate Michael Kausen was able to qualify a reserve rider for the MX2 youngster class and was allowed to race the second moto.
Dennis Schröter:
"Iím really disappointed: I had a good qualification not even 1 sec. behind the fastest and a good start into the first race. I was 5th for a while and felt comfortable with the pace, but then made a stupid mistake at the end of the start straight and crashed. I regrouped in 15th position and worked my way back up to 11th. I was angry about my mistake but happy with my riding. My start into the second race was terrible and then I was riding like an absolute beginner. Itís really sad, as I ruined what could have been a good weekend."

Michael Kaussen:
"I was 0.6sec. too slow in timed practice to qualify directly for the main races so I had to do the LCQ. I finished 8th. which meant I was 2nd reserve for Sunday. I didnít get to race the first heat and had a bad start into the second one. I had to start from the very outside, where it was full of stones. I gave it all I got but only finished 30th."
Michael Kaussen
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