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Team Silent Sport at Hawkstone Park
09.03.2010 • 

A difficult Sunday in England

Lars Oldekamp
As the first major race this year the Team Silent Sport riders Dennis Schröter and Lars Oldekamp entered the traditional race track at Hawkstone Park to compete against many GP and factory riders.
Dennis Schröter:
My race-day was so-so, not all bad but it could have been a lot better still. It all started with a broken rear brake in timed practice, so I couldnít improve my qualifying time. My reaction off the ramp was pretty good in all races but I have to admit that I was a bit scared to keep it open all the way into the first corner, maybe the big crash from last year was still in the back of my mind. In both races I worked my way up from around 18th Ė 19th, which was ok. I was 11th already in the 2nd race only to crash pretty hard with a few laps to go. My head was so sore after the crash that I had to pull out of the super-final after only a few laps.

Lars Oldekamp:
I really need as many races as possible to improve right now. After my injury at the beginning of last year I have just worked on my fitness. I only did 2 or 3 races at the end of the season last year and even though I am in tip top shape right now I need to work on my race speed still. I donít have much to say about my races, I had hoped for a bit better results but especially in the first few laps Iím still too slow. I had a big crash in my super-final, so I dnf-ed but Iím ok now.
1. Steve Ramon, 35 Pkt.
2. Maximilian Nagl, 30
3. Tanel Leok, 30
4. Clement Desaille, 26
5. Gareth Swanepoel, 23
6. Marc De Reuver, 17
7. Bas Verhoeven, 16
8. Evgeny Bobryshev, 14
9. Carl Nunn, 13
10. Yentel Martens, 11
11. Tom Soderstrom, 9
12. Jamie Lewis, 8
13. James Noble, 8
14. Nathan Parker, 6
15. Kevin Wouts, 5
16. Dennis Schröter, 5

1. Ken Roczen, 40 Pkt.
2. Dennis Verbruggen, 32
3. Jake Nicholls, 26
4. Ceriel Klein Kromhof, 19
5. Nick Triest, 17
6. Joel Roelants, 17
7. Neville Bradshaw, 16
8. Herjan Brakke, 14
9. Arnaud Tonus, 13
10. Matiss Karro, 13
11. Lars Oldekamp, 11

12. Jose Atonio Butron, 9
13. Glenn Coldenhoff, 9
14. Avel Aletru, 6
15. Graeme Irwin, 6
Author: Team Silent Sport
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