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Team Silent Sport's race weekend
13.04.2010 • 

On the track in France and Germany

Photo by: Stefan Wasner
Dennis Schröter
Last weekend the Silent Sport racing team splitted up for two different events. Senior team rider Dennis Schröter went out to Schnaitheim for the German Open championship. Meanwhile Lars Oldekamp was out in France for the second round of the European MX2 championship.
HENDRIK NOLTING (team – manager):
This was the first race of a championship that counts for Dennis Schröter, and the last pre-season races for Lars Oldekamp and Michael Kaussen, before the season really kicks off next weekend in Drehna.

Dennis had a good first heat after a mediocre qualifying session, he pushed from start to finish, and his 2nd place indicates that he will be a threat on hard-packed tracks as well. After another great start in moto 2 he had trouble finding his rhythm and dropped back to 7th. He recovered after 10 minutes and had already caught the 3 leaders when his chain derailed,
causing him to crash and pull out.
Michael didn’t qualify for the main programme but finished 6th in the additional race.

Lars’ bad luck began in his qualifier already, when he tangled with another rider who’s foot got caught in his swing-arm. After a good start in the first heat a competitor took him out and Lars banged his head quite badly. He managed to finish the race but decided not to start the 2nd moto.
Photo by: Stefan Wasner
Lars Oldekamp
Author: Team Silent Sport
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