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Team Silent Sport at Aichwald
15.06.2010 • 

Lars Oldekamp wins and keeps Youngster series lead

Lars Oldekamp
The Silent Sport Racing team travelled to the old school style race track at Aichwald near Stuttgart with the entire lineup. Youngster series leader Lars Oldekamp still suffered a sore shoulder but was willing to keep the MX2 youngster series lead. Dennis Schröter went out at the highly competitive Masters class.
Dennis Schröter:
My first race was a disaster, after a good start I could only push for 2 laps and than lost it completely. I rode a lot better in the 2nd heat and was in 8th position when I made a stupid mistake with only a few laps to go and lost many positions.

Lars Oldekamp:

I never really liked the track in Aichwald but I think I have to change my mind after this weekend. I knew that I had to get the holeshot and try to put in a big gap, as my shoulder is still giving me trouble and the pain-killers would only last about 15 minutes. That all worked out perfectly and even though in race 2 Dennis past me just before the end I extended my lead in the championship by 2 points.
Now I have to see how my shoulder develops throughout the week, as I have a start for the German MX2 GP, but that will only make sense if Iím 100% fit.

Michael Kaussen:

After qualifying directly for the main programme I had hoped for points in both races but I never found my rhythm, it felt like I was only riding but not racing.
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