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Team Silent Sport at Tensfeld
26.07.2011 • 

Another podium finish for Rasmus Jorgensen

Photo by: Nina Ramsenthaler
Rasmus Jorgensen
Last weekend the Silent Sport Racing Team went to Tensfeld in the far north of Germany for the 5th round of the ADAC Youngster championship. A gnarly sand track awaited the riders while the weather made things even tougher with cold temperatures and lots of rain.
After some bike problems in free practice Rasmus Jorgensen qualified easily in time practice in 3rd position. His motivation was high for raceday and the Danish rider looked forward to improve his championship standings.

"In the first race I had a good start and rode my own race. With 3 laps to go I saw that I was closing in on Stefan (Kjer Olsen). I didn't make the pass, but i closed down the gap witch was good for my confidence for 2nd race. I grabbed the holeshot in the second moto and had a pretty good lead but unfortunately I went down in a corner. After that I came form 5th to 2nd and I am really happy about that even though I would have liked to win. It was a good weekend for the championship." said Jorgensen

Michael Kaussen made his comeback after a three month injury break. His goal for the weekend was to qualify for the main event and with a 12th position in his group he reached his goal.
In the races he retired after 2/3 of the motos as he realized that only one week of practice on his bike before Tensfeld was not enough to get back to full strength to be competitive. Although it was a satisfying comeback for Michael!
Photo by: Nina Ramsenthaler
Michael Kaussen
Tensfeld Overall Youngster
1. Ste­fan Kjer Ol­sen (DEN, YAM), 47 Punk­te
2. Don­ny Bas­tem­ei­jer (NED, HON), 45
3. Ras­mus Jor­gen­sen (DEN, Team Silent Sport SUZ), 42
4. Ron Noffz (GER, KTM), 33
5. Eric Lei­j­tens (NED, KAW), 32
6. Bo­ris Mail­lard (FRA, KAW), 31
7. Ro­berts Justs (LAT, HON), 28
8. Mi­ke Sten­der (GER, KAW), 26
9. Mi­ke Kallauch (GER, HON), 22
10. Tim Koch (GER, YAM), 21
DNF MIchael Kaussen (GER, Team Silent Sport Suz)

Championship Youngster 5/8 Events

1. Ste­fan Kjer Ol­sen (DEN, YAM), 217 Punk­te
2. Bo­ris Mail­lard (FRA, KAW), 173
3. Ras­mus Jor­gen­sen (DEN, Team Silent Sport SUZ), 169
4. Don­ny Bas­tem­ei­jer (NED, HON), 154
5. Ron Noffz (GER, KTM), 123
6. Mi­ke Sten­der (GER, KAW), 117
7. Lars Reu­ther (GER, KTM), 114
8. Do­mi­ni­que Thu­ry (GER, KTM), 105
9. Han­nes Volber (GER, KTM), 84
10. Ro­berts Justs (LAT, HON), 84
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