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Team Silent Sport at Ried
16.08.2011 • 

Rasmus Jorgensen keeps his championship chances alive

Rasmus Jorgensen
The ADAC MX Masters series gets into its final stage and went over the border to Austria for the 6th round. Team Silent Sports Rasmus Jorgensen from Denmark entered the beautyful track at Ried sitting in 3rd position in the Youngster championship which is a class for under 23 year old riders on 250 bikes.
Perfekt track conditions under a sunny sky made both riders and spectators happy The round before at Tensfeld was a very wet one.

Despite grabbing two holeshots Rasmus was not able to keep the pace of his fellow countryman and championship leader Kjer Olsen and dutch rider Bastemejer but with a solid 4-3 result for a 3rd overall he was still happy with his day in Austria.

"I liked the track from the beginning and felt very good. I was able to set the second fastest time in qualifying. In the first race I got the holeshot and tried to push really hard in the first laps. The high speed was very high. I got nothing more for the other guys when they came close and they were a little faster than me so I settled for my position and tried to save some energy for the second race.
I got another holeshot but Stefan (Kjer Olsen) passed me quickly. Again I went to my limits and came close to him again but that was a little too much so I had to back off as I got a little tired. It was really hot. Later also Bastenmeijer passed me but I am very happy with the third place
The whole team works really good and my Suzuki is really strong, I got so many holeshots this year. I look forward to the next races where my goal is to win and to get the second position in the championship. Maybe more but Stefan is far away but anything can happen in this sport." said Rasmus.

Immediatly after the podium ceremony Rasmus left the venue as he had to be at his school in Denmark at 8 am next morning havin a 1200km drive ahead.

The second Team Silent Sport rider Michael Kaussen decided to sit out the weekend to get some more practice and local races und his belt. After his 3 month injury break he wants to be more competitive for the remaining rounds of the ADAC Youngster series.
Holeshot for #228
Ried Overall Youngster
1. Ste­fan Kjer Ol­sen (DEN, YAM), 45 Punk­te
2. Don­ny Bas­tem­ei­jer (NED, HON), 44
3. Ras­mus Jor­gen­sen (DEN, Team Silent Sport SUZ), 38
4. Bo­ris Mail­lard (FRA, KAW), 36
5. Do­mi­ni­que Thu­ry (GER, KTM), 32
6. Pe­ter Irt (SLO, SUZ), 32
7. Le­vy Ba­tis­ta (FRA, KTM), 28
8. Tim Koch (GER, YAM), 28
9. Bence Szvo­bo­da (HUN, KTM), 25
10. Ste­phan Bütt­ner (GER, KAW), 17
DNS MIchael Kaussen (GER, Team Silent Sport Suz)

Championship Youngster 6/8 Events

1. Ste­fan Kjer Ol­sen (DEN, YAM), 262 Punk­te
2. Bo­ris Mail­lard (FRA, KAW), 209
3. Ras­mus Jor­gen­sen (DEN, Team Silent Sport SUZ), 207
4. Don­ny Bas­tem­ei­jer (NED, HON), 198
5. Do­mi­ni­que Thu­ry (GER, KTM), 137
6. Ron Noffz (GER, KTM), 133
7. Lars Reu­ther (GER, KTM), 129
8. Mi­ke Sten­der (GER, KAW), 117
9. Bence Svo­bo­da (HUN, KTM), 104
10. Han­nes Volber (GER, KTM), 84
Next Event: Höchstädt 28.08.11
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